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Making a Cascada Caipirinha Cocktail

Here, at Cascada restaurant Marbella, we don’t just love good food, we double love great cocktails, and so do our guests!

Here’s our version of the Cascada Caipirinha Cocktail, and how to make one yourself!


  • 100 ML Cachaça
  • 1 table spoons of Brown Sugar
  • 2 x Fresh Lime
  • Crushed Ice

How to make this cocktail:

Firstly, take one of your limes and cut it up in smaller pieces and put that in your favorite glass (tumbler or whiskey is the norm, but if you want to put this in a wine glass we promise we won’t judge).

You don’t have to take the skin off the limes, but be aware of any stickers!

Now add the brown sugar. How much? Well… how sweet do you want it? We usually add around 2 large table spoons, but you can add more or a little less depending on your taste.

Next, take another lime, chop it in half and really squeeze all the juice out into your glass.

Now take a Cocktail Muddler and really mash the ingredients up in the glass so all the juice mixes really well with your sugar. (Top Tip – if you don’t have a muddler, you can also use a wooden spoon!)

Now we add the Cachaça. Be generous! At least 5 seconds (or 100 mls) or more if you dare!

Top this off with some crushed ice (if you don’t have any crushed ice handy… you can use a good blender or read these 5 ways to crush ice at home) and use a tall spoon to mix it all up.

Lastly, top it off with some more crushed ice, decorate with some more lime, add a stray and Hey Presto! You just made your own Cascada Caipirinha! ENJOY!

Now… if you would like to enjoy one of these cocktails but can’t be bothered with all of the above… why not visit Cascada Marbella and try one on our lovely terrace! No mess, no stress, just relax and enjoy!



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